During the downturn in the economy, as many people experienced, i lost my home of 12 years.

Approximately 11 months after my short sale I started to approach local lenders about acquiring a home loan to purchase another family house. This time I wanted to try to utilize my VA benefits and acquire a VA loan.
I went to as many local lenders as I could and gave them my story of my short sale and my desire to utilize my VA loan benefit and get back into a home as soon as possible.

I had heard from one lender that the VA guidelines were only a one year waiting period from a short sale scenario… All of my local lenders did not agree with that!
Several of the local lenders I spoke to told me that they had contacted the VA directly and this was not the case. As my frustration grew I stopped looking locally for lender and took to the Internet looking for anyone I had gone through my similar situation.
This is when I came across an article in a Oregon paper regarding A veteran that was helped get back into a home by Dick Maurer, after a short sale.

I thought it was a longshot but had nothing to lose and contacted Dick Maurer. I got a response back from him very quickly. The response was “if I can’t help you it will have absolutely have nothing to do with your short sale!
This was very unconventional for me to use a lender out of my current town! Dick made another statement to me after hearing about some of my local lenders that I spoke to… “It may be hard to believe but there is an eagle out there in a flock of turkeys”.

I had heard enough and moved forward with the loan process using Dick Mauer and ENG lending. As difficult as it was going through a short sale, and losing a property, Dick was a true professional and helped every step of the way getting the loan approved!
Dick’s team additionally is some of the most professional, and nicest, people I have worked with in any professional environment!

One year and one month later my family and I moved into our new home and couldn’t be happier with how we got here!
My wife says this is her dream house!

Thank you again Dick Mauer, and team, for making a veteran’s dream of homeownership come true.
God bless America!