Richard Maurer

Sr. Mortgage Banker & Senior VA Home Loan Specialist

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“The right loan, on time, the first time.”

You should know that our income does not vary based on the interest rate you are charged or on the loan program you choose. There is no hidden agenda. Our goal is, quite simply, the loan that you feel best suits your needs.

Visiting with us is free and carries no obligation on your part. It is our privilege to listen as you share your life’s goals and we explore what the right mortgage is to help you attain them. Not only is your mortgage the biggest financial transaction of your life, it is also about the house that you and your family come home to each day. Whether you are buying a home (or just getting a plan together so you can be ready to buy one), refinancing to restructure your bills or getting a lower interest rate, it is important to consider all available options. We’ll work together, answering all of your questions, so that you will be confident that you have what’s right for you and your family.

The Maurer Group

A personal note from Dick Maurer:
I offer more specific mortgage industry experience than almost anyone you might find. Being a “Baby Boomer” (Viet Nam era), I developed a special affinity for veterans (including Guards & Reserves). I have done VA loans so long my clients say that I “speak VA.” A veterans administration(VA) home loan has specific needs in paperwork, in understanding the requirements, the ability to pickup the phone and call the veterans administration office with specific questions for a specific veterans needs. In addition to my years of experience, my team of professionals will ensure that the right programs are selected to meet your needs and that the loan process was properly executed on your behalf.
NMLS # 228916/418481/418481